Besides being able to communicate in over 28 countries around the world, speaking French in Canada alone is a very big asset. The benefits are endless! Being bilingual increases your employability improves your English, and increases your intellectual capacity!

How many times have you seen a job that says “bilingual” in the title and had to immediately skip it? The fact of the matter is that being able to speak French, in addition to English, opens the door to new opportunities in the job market. Companies in every sector in Canada, from wholesalers to tech giants, all incorporate some level of French in their business practices. Think about it this way, every Candian product or service you see must be translated into French given it’s an official language of the country. Opportunities can arise in professional translation, marketing, global development, the list goes on and on. This alone is a great reason to tackle that pesky passé composé.. But the benefits don’t end here!

Did you know that speaking French actually helps you improve your English?  Basically, when you learn new phrases and words, you can hear the etymology and roots of certain words and phrases, and you end up improving both languages simultaneously!  Learning the roots and origins of words and expressions can make it easier to both use them properly in both languages, but also to remember them for future use.

Lastly, it is proven that those who speak multiple languages unlock a different part of their brain. It’s because when we challenge our brains to think and communicate in various languages, we are training them to retain more information, which overall strengthens our intellectual capacity. In the same way that learning French can help you improve your mother tongue by making you think differently about the words you use, learning subjects like history or science in another language can help give you linguistic clues that are far more intuitive than sheer facts can be!  Contextually speaking, the words may sometimes seem like gibberish, but if you start to think of words in terms of what they might mean in another language, it forces your brain to think harder and hence improving your intellectual capacity.

Et voilà! Those are three reasons to learn French, out of the many hundreds of course.