Thanks to a strong collaborative approach between the child, his/her parents, and the teacher, LPE Bambins  offers the best possible start in both French language and culture. Preschool classes are run like « maternelle » classes in France. Children are engaged in a wide range of structured activities and they have fun while learning new skills. Lessons last 2.5 hours and are exclusively in French.

Catering for individual needs

Each child works at his/her own level and own pace and parents can follow their child’s progress in the personal « cahier » (folder).

We are also happy to support parents facing educational challenges. We guide parents whenever a child needs extra support (speech pathology, occupational therapy etc.) and we work with other professionals in the best interest of our students.

Fun, exciting, and challenging play-based learning activities

Students will be involved in a range of lessons designed to develop French language skills.
We engage in activities to expand their vocabulary and develop and/or correct sentence building and syntax.
We expose students to various mathematical materials to help them build early numeracy skills with concepts such as counting, shapes, patterns.

Students practice handwriting and develop their technique by working on correct pencil grip, and by engaging in activities that require and develop fine motor skills.
We develop reading readiness skills. Activities include story-telling, ordering sequential images, naming letters of the alphabet, identifying rhymes and other linguistic constructs & phonological awareness.
Also, and most importantly children have fun! We engage students in attractive activities like craft, playing games, singing songs and much more to make learning a fun experience.