Career Benefits of Learning French 

There are numerous cognitive and social benefits to learning a second language, but when it comes to French, there are also a plethora of professional benefits. It’s estimated that 300 million people speak French across 5 continents. French is the only language besides English that is taught in every country in the world. Learning French provides you with a cultural dimension and diversity that many businesses are looking for in future leaders. 

  1. The Language of Culture:

If you ever want to work in the world of fine arts, theatre, dance or opera, French is a fantastic, and almost necessary asset to have. Speaking French gives you the ability to read original works like Hugo, Moliere, Carmen, Faust and more. 

  1. International Organizations

French is one of the primary languages of major organizations like The United Nations, The EU, NATO, The Red Cross and many more. Furthermore, most of these organizations are based in countries like France, Belgium, and Switzerland, where French is an official language. If you’re not as interested in politics or humanities work, there are also major French corporations like Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), Carrefour, L’Oréal and many more, where you can utilize your French skills. 

  1. Education Opportunities

Learning French also gives you the option to enrich your education. If your French is good enough, you could have the opportunity to enroll at a renowned French-speaking university like the Sorbonne, University of Montreal, or Science Po in Paris. Having a degree from one of these universities also greatly increases your chances of future employment in a French-speaking country. 

  1. Immigration Possibilities

Have you ever dreamed of living in France, or Switzerland forever? Who wouldn’t? Speaking French is a critical component of the French immigration process. In Switzerland, French is one of the four official languages, and speaking it will also help your application. 

There are so many reasons why learning French is important and valuable. If you’re interested in learning the language, or brushing up on your skills, check out our lessons and summer camps.