Around the World in French!

Welcome to Around the World in French! Where we discover the different French countries around the world and explore their unique cultures! There are French speaking countries on every continent, each one with its own charm that will leave you fascinated and eager to visit the country, so join us as we take a trip around the globe!


The first chapter of this blog series lands us in the beautiful country of France. From the city of love to vast landscapes and green vineyards, France has many ways of taking your breath away. It is a country known for its romantic scenery and people. The country is full of passion, but not only for love and relationships, also a passion for food, wine, and many of the simple pleasures of life. This passion is as clear as day when you look at the reputation of French cuisine on a global level. 

French Cuisine

French cuisine is regarded by many as the highest quality and most luxurious of any nation, although there is much debate to be had about who takes the crown for the best cuisine, France never fails to be in the conversation for both best food and wine. Some of the most mouth-watering French dishes include crêpes, coq au vin, and crème brûlée to name a few, all of which have become very popular internationally, and they are also known for their variety of breads and cheeses. As for their wine, Bordeaux and Burgundy are some of the highest quality wine regions and these wines always pair perfectly with the delicious cuisine.

Artistic Expression

With how expressive and passionate the French can be, it comes as no surprise that they are a very artistic nation. France has been famous for its art for a long time and has continued to showcase the creativity of their art to this day. For instance, France’s rich history is often intertwined with their art, which can be seen in the world-renowned art gallery known as the Louvre which is located in Paris, and is where the Mona Lisa resides. But the French have continued their success with art in modern cinema with amazing movies such as Les Intouchables and Amélie, and in music with talented musicians such as Édith Piaf. The French always seem to awe the world with the inspiring art they manage to create.

Learn the language, learn the culture

France is the most visited country in the world by tourists, and for good reason. Many people fall in love with Paris after visiting the Eiffel tower, and others prefer the beaches in southern France, there is something for everybody in France. The cuisine, the art, and the passion are all overflowing in France, but this is only a fraction of the beauty that makes up France’s culture. One way to truly appreciate the full culture is to learn the language. By understanding the language, you gain a better understanding of the people who live there, and you can create more of a connection with them and the country. So why not start learning French if you don’t speak it yet, and maybe when it’s safe to travel during this pandemic, you can enjoy France firsthand.

I hope this inspired you to learn French! IIf you’re interested, we offer classes here at Le Petit Écolier, so feel free to contact us and sign up you or your kids for a truly fun and effective French learning experience!