About Us

Le Petit Écolier French Language Learning Centre thrives for the success of every student no matter what their linguistic backgrounds are by grabbing their attention through fun exercises that are both paper-based and electronically based. This allows the student to take learning French as a fun exercise and not a burden.

Our Classes​

Thanks to our smaller Class sizes and to our dedicated teachers, we can ensure the quality of teaching. It allows us to have very good interactions with students and to follow up on the progress of each individual. We take pride in having very qualified teachers and using modern technology in offering French as a second language for leisure, academic advancement, career development and future job opportunities.

At Le Petit Écolier French Language Learning Centre we believe it’s never too early nor too late to learn French and that’s why our Mission is to help each, and every student Love, Learn and speak French.

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At Le Petit Écolier, we pride ourselves on offering fun and engaging programs that not only challenge our students but makes them excited to learn more about the French language!

​Children for example have a special educational window that makes learning new things incredibly easy for them to grasp. When faced with such seemingly daunting tasks like learning a new language, children of these ages simply soak up the information in an almost uncanny way. When introduced at the proper time, a second language can immediately become second nature to a child—the information becomes fully ingrained in their minds, forming a fundamental relationship with the language.

​At Le Petit Écolier, we are dedicated to making the most of this highly specialized time in children’s’ lives, introducing them to the French language in a way that not only prepares them for future learning, but establishes a lifelong love for the language. Contact us today and let us show you how we can do the same for your children!

Our Team

As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for French and Education and doing excellent work for our clients and students. We pride ourselves on our strategic, integrated approach to Teaching French and the results it delivers.

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Current Career Opportunities at LPE

FSL Teacher

Nous recrutons des professeurs FLE/FLS (avec un diplôme en français langue étrangère ou seconde).

Vous pouvez envoyer votre CV par courriel à : prof@lepetitecolier.com

Notes importantes :

  • La langue de travail étant le français, seules les candidatures reçues en français seront considérées.
  • Veuillez noter que seules les personnes sélectionnées pour une entrevue seront contactées.
  • Des références seront demandées à tout(e) candidat(e).